Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ikea Hack!

From the above. (image from fastcompany.com)

This light below, Adam hacked!

It was on sale from Ikea for something crazy like 6 dollars, down from something insane like 60 bucks!

It’s almost a year since we got Panya. Look at how much she has grown!

How did we come across Panya? Well, I always had cats when I was growing up! At one time, in primary school, I had five cats! One mother cat and 4 kittens. Our family kept them all. Anyway, around this time last year, I was flipping through the Quokka, a classified Ads paper, and saw an Ad for RSPCA. There was this cute orange (I love orange cats) kitten peering out from the paper with big beady eyes. His name was Ninja! Perfect. I love cats, orange cats. We love Japan and Adam wants to be a ninja! It was a sign.

We drove to RSPCA, which was faaar. We got there and looked around for that orange kitten. No, can’t see any orange kittens. We asked the staff about Ninja, but alas! He was just adopted! Nooooooooo…. But that’s alright, I am sure he has a good home and, in his place, another kitten will have a good home. We looked around this huge play area filled with kittens. I saw a semi-long fur kitten called Matt that I liked but Adam wasn’t too impress. He left and wondered around the other cages. Adam came back a short while and told me he found the one! At the back, there was an enclosure with 3 black kittens and one “Bengal” looking kitten. Ohhhh, Adam and I have been looking at Bengal kittens - a sleek mini wild cat in our house-how cool would that be, but at $600-800 they were expensive! And I rather rescue an abandon kitten. So this kitten in the cage was brown and had a marble coat – three strips down the back adidas style and a circle on her tummy, just like a marble Bengal! SO CUTE! I went in and played with her. She batted my feet with her tiny paws! Yes! We chose her!

She was such a cute itsy bitsy kitten with big curious eyes and huge ears. Now she is HUGE with an even HUGHER gut – and that circle on her tummy just emphasizes her gut. She is still playful! She still pounces at you from behind the door or shower curtain. And she has developed a habit of jumping into sinks and drinking water out of the faucet. Cute!

We just changed her dry food from kitten to adult. My baby has grown up too quick! And the size of those dry adult food is big! I hope she doesn’t choke on it. Anyway, Panya is throwing a hissy fit. She doesn’t like her adult dry food. And she cries and rolls around on the floor waiting for kitten food when there is a mountain of adult food in her bowl. I hope she loses weight that way!