Monday, February 6, 2012


So I finished reading Murakami’s 1Q84.

And now my co-worker is also reading, on her iphone at work! She just started and she is already on book 3.

The one thing that annoys me about Murakami’s books are that he never ties up the loose ends. What’s the point of reading a book, getting to the end and going, “Is that it?”, very annoying. And for the whole duration of this book I was hoping, please let it not be like Sputnik Sweetheart, please!

I have a story to tell about Sputnik Sweetheart. I read it twice. As in, the second time I read it, I had no idea I had already read it. Everything about the book seemed new to me, up until past the middle of the book, when one scene of the book hit me in the face, and I realized, I know the ending. I hated the ending. I hated the book so much that after reading it the first time, my mind obliterated its existence in my head.

Anyway, back to IQ84. Thank god it wasn’t like that… in a way, only one element gets resolved, everything else is just… well, you just accept it. After all this is Murakami and he does this metaphysical, blurring the edges of reality kinda books. Everything starts off normal and slowly, bit by bit, he introduces snippets of fantasy, in a way that is kinda acceptable to the reader, and suddenly the reader is sucked into a new world and the reader has got to just accept this new reality. As with most of Murakami’s books, the reader is left to figure out the loose ends, I guess that’s Murakami’s ways of forcing the reader to accept the reality without question, just like how we accept this reality that we are living in right now. It just is. No one is going to help you explain it, you do the deductions and come to your own conclusions. Coz, that’s what the main characters have to do, and so will you, as the reader.

But it is a good book. The elements of the unknown hold the reader captive. Just like how a cat is drawn to a dark tunnel (as says Murakami in the book, I like that analogy).

I wanna see this be made into a movie!

light up!

While on our way to spotlight, we passed by Beacon lighting.

I implored Adam to stop by. He hates side trips; he thinks we'll just spend more money stopping by every shop.

But how can i pass up this light that was on SALE! Well, neither could Adam!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To be happy

I have never been a really thankful person. By nature, I am a pessimist; why set yourself up for disappointment when you can avoid that by just assuming the worse outcome. By defining yourself as a pessimist, you go about life not really being thankful of anything, not the rainbow after the rain, not the salty sea breeze on a hot summers day, you get what I mean?

Then I read these articles written by thankful happy people, about how a red ladybug on a vibrant green leaf cheers them up, how the clouds in the sky reminds them of fairy floss. And then I go wow. I wanna be happy with little things too, I am a little too sad every day.

So everyday, I am going to make a note of one thing that makes me smile. I have a feeling it’s gonna be Panya almost all the time, or my weird wacky weirdo for a husband.