Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Oh! Bought these orchids at Ikea. It was for mothers day but I decided to keep them for myself!
Aren't they pretty?
I want to start a hobby cultivating orchids!
But maybe I should make sure they don't die before I decide to go buy more orchids!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Panya is in her pet bed!
I removed the legs ages ago because when panya jumps out, the whole thing would scoot away from her and freak her out.
But even then, she hated it. We would put her in and out she jumps immediately. Booo.
I even contemplated turning the pet bed into a planter. Really.  The pet bed was just collecting dust in the corner.
But hey! She is in it! Without us forcing her into it!

Laundry reno

Our laundry was in serious need of an overhaul! It had pink walls, and pink linoleum flooring. Panya's kitty litter and food were in the laundry too and it's annoying having little bits of kitty litter and food get stuck under the linoleum.

Here is a pic of our laundry with the linoleum flooring ripped out. Should have taken a pic of the old ugly pink linoleum flooring. But anyway, here's the pink walls and pink tiles.

We had some left over white paint, so that's the wall color. And we also had some left over tile paint, so that's the tile color. I didn't want to re-tile the edging, and besides, by the time the cupboard, laundry cupboard and washing machine go in, there's really not much visible tiles. And painting was easier. :)

Ahhh.. now it looks a little bit better.

Then the hard work begins, tiling. We opted for large porcelain tiles. We also bought a tile cutter, as we had to cut  around the drain and all that.

Oh it was hell. 

Here are all the tiles we broke trying to cut through the thick porcelain.

 Hey, that's how the pink linoleum flooring looked.

In the end, we ended up hand sawing the tiles. It was pure hell.The screeching noise, the sawing that took off a millimeter every 5 minutes. We sure were regretting using thick porcelain tiles.  We were too cheap to go rent a wet tile cutter. So a couple of hours we spent trying to sawing off a 10 x 10 cm square. 

The next day, our neighbour asked what that noise was all about.  erm..... 

But it was allllll worth it when your laundry turns out like this! complete with little mosaics for edging. 

Pretty, no?

Panya  checking out here new food/litter area. Yay! Grouted!

We put in an Ikea cupboard for some storage space, and we can say that everyone, including Panya, approves of this laundry! Not bad, hey?