Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To be happy

I have never been a really thankful person. By nature, I am a pessimist; why set yourself up for disappointment when you can avoid that by just assuming the worse outcome. By defining yourself as a pessimist, you go about life not really being thankful of anything, not the rainbow after the rain, not the salty sea breeze on a hot summers day, you get what I mean?

Then I read these articles written by thankful happy people, about how a red ladybug on a vibrant green leaf cheers them up, how the clouds in the sky reminds them of fairy floss. And then I go wow. I wanna be happy with little things too, I am a little too sad every day.

So everyday, I am going to make a note of one thing that makes me smile. I have a feeling it’s gonna be Panya almost all the time, or my weird wacky weirdo for a husband.

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