Sunday, October 7, 2012

white t-shirt make-over

I have this white cotton t-shirt from Uniqlo. It was cheap, something like $5 bucks! Anyway, I bought it and haven't worn it since. It's a little too baggy, a little plain and pretty much non-flattering. It's an okay shirt to lounge about at home or to sleep in. But no way was I gonna wear this out. I had some sequinned fabric from a skirt that I hemmed, so I decided to add some jazz to lacklustre t-shirt.

I used a fitted top as a template and cut around it. I also trimmed the sleeves as they were a little long.

And here was Panya eyeing me from the hall way. She just woke up! And wanted a snack!

So here is my jazzed up top! It's way better than before. More fitted and a little bit more interesting than a blah baggy t-shirt! 

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