Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fit for life

Adam and I have recently signed up for a gym membership at our local recreational center in Vic Park!

It’s summer here in Perth and it’s time to whip our bodies into shape after a looong winter hiatus. We signed up for a year with a bonus two months free! Sweet. We get to use the pool, the gym as well as participate in the fitness classes. So far we have been really good, heading down to the center 3 times a week. Yesterday, we did a Body Pump class. It’s a weights training class with lunges, bicep curls, bench presses etc etc. A pretty good workout. While other people were piling on the weights and pilling on more weights for lunges and adjusting the weight for different muscle group, I just stuck to my 5 kg for everything and at the end of all the different sets my arms were quivering and on the brink of just shutting down. Oh my puny arms!

Back in the days of school, I was really fit! In Primary School, I played volleyball. In Secondary School, I captained the volleyball team and was also in track and field. In Junior College, I was in the canoeing and dragon boat time. I was the fittest in Junior College as our training schedule was grueling! We did long distance running, weights training in addition to our normal canoeing/dragon boat. We trained thrice a week and on a Sunday too for heaven’s sake! I had toned arms and I could run fast and hard!

When I went to University in the US, I stopped and just stuffed my face with food and sugar water. Occasionally, I would feel guilty and go to the gym, but that was about it. I moved to Japan afterwards. I lived by the river and had a glorious view of Mt. Fuji, or Fuji-san as they like to call it. My job as an English teacher at a local high school wasn’t difficult and I finished at 4 pm. With so much daylight, a beautiful Fuji-san to look at and a lovely river nearby, I started running. I took part in small runs and big runs and eventually completed 2 marathons. And then, I became a couch potato in Singapore. Hah!

So here I am, once again, getting myself into shape. I don’t have specific goals really. I just wanna be fit, have tone arms, lose the tummy roll, the jiggling thighs and run 10k without dying.

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