Sunday, December 11, 2011

I went to Stereosonic a week ago. Sure, the tix were a little expensive at over a hundred a person, but you know what, I had a great time and I finally got to see my favourite DJ in the world, BT. Every now and then, I would hop onto his website to see if he would be playing in any clubs near me. However, be it Chicago, Tokyo or Singapore, he was never in those cities when I was there. So when I heard that stereosonic was coming, I checked the line up and saw his name on it! Totally Going Yo! There were other DJ’s that I am familiar with – Carl Cox, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren etc. But it was BT that made it a done deal.

Being the total Groupie that I am, I made sure that I was right in front! And I was! I was there two DJs and 2 hours early. Now, which DJ brings a drummer? BT! Totally rocking! I had a smile plastered on my face, jumping to the beats and totally in awe. BT’s photographer uploaded some pics on his Facebook account and I think I spy Adam and I right up there.

Kinda sad that he was on for only one hour. We were there from 2 pm to 9.30 pm! I was completely exhausted after that. Thankfully, I had the day off the next day in order to recover, not young anymore! LMFAO were there too! They dressed exactly like how they dressed in the “Everyday I’m shuffling” MTV. Even the dance crew from that MTV were there. They were full of energy, cheeky, playful and totally into the whole disco vibe. The crowd was loving them! Too bad we were sooo far, and from where we were, the music from the other tents muffled LMFAO’s music.

You know at these concerts you see all those security people. I think it would be cool to be one of them and listen to the music for free. The security guy up infront of BT was kinda cute, though he was constantly in my pics! He pointed at people who had their tops off, who were sitting on shoulders. But it kinda sucks that you have to have your back to the stage.

Yay! Finally got to see BT! I can die happy now.

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