Monday, December 12, 2011


I was never a plant person. But I guess that was because I didn’t have a place to call my own. When we got our house, the garden was barren. Just lots of sand. You know Perth. Nothing but sand. No nutrients and water just runs of the top of sand.

dry as dry

Every weekend, we would go to Bunnings to buy soil and plants. It was a great feeling seeing our garden transform. And even greater feeling seeing plants have baby plants! I mean – Free plants! Haha! Now, I have a small nursery going, cultivating my baby plants.

Lil' bit of green

I do enjoy gardening, pulling out weeds, stomping on snails and caterpillars. I did kill a couple of plants here and there. I tried transplanting some daises. They wilted and died. I moved a fern from sun to shade and it wilted immediately, but I managed to nurse it back to help by watering it twice every day. I hope it pulls through!

And look at my cool terrarium! I have cool pretty cactus flower!

Even Panya has a plant for herself. In the house, she has cat grass to munch. We got her cat mint and cat nip, but they have no effect on here and they were taking over the garden at such a crazy rate, I pulled them out. Oh well – more space to plant our veggies!

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